Interview with Mikaelah Cordeo on “Embody Your Divinity ~ Tools for Transformation” from Soul Talk Show 1-23-2018

Mikaelah Cordeo on Soul Talk Show 1-23-2018

Mikaelah Cordeo is interviewed by Patty Malek on Soul Talk Telesummit sharing Divine teachings to assist you to clear all that no longer serves you, restore and maintain health, vitality and joy and move ever more deeply into Oneness with the Divine.


Join Mikaelah Cordeo for an extraordinary 8 - week class - starting 2-18-2018 - teaching a variety  of the Tools for Transformation techniques - rapid, easy and powerful methods for clearing, healing and spiritual progress. (2-3 per week)

"As I was preparing the classes, Archangel Michael came to me and suggested that I make it 8 weeks instead of 6 and include active guidance and instruction on the next level of our own spiritual evolution which I am calling Embodying Your Divinity. Archangel Michael has agreed to offer his own assistance and advice."

To sign up for the  8-week series click the following link:

Replays of the 8 classes will be available for purchase or ask about attending just part of the classes.  2nd class is Sunday, 2-25-2018, 10:30 AM PST. For more information contact Mikaelah at

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