Improving Communication

I’ve been working on a new level of inner plane communication/telepathy with a colleague lately. It is different than channeling as a telepathic conversation must go both ways, and I sometimes wonder if I’m getting the messages clearly. This morning I received this message and was encouraged to share it with all who might be interested

Archangel Gabriel

Suggestions to Improve Communication: 

1st Step: Allow

2nd Step: Make Time

3rd Step: Connect

4th Step: Believe and Trust

5th Step: Actualize

6th Step: Receive and Value

7th Step: Allow the Gift to Inspire and Accelerate my Light.

There followed a series of Affirmations,    Recommendations and Principles.

  •  Always know and experience –Joy, Peace, Love – they are eternal and always available.
  • Place your attention where you wish to be.
  • Our communication at this time is a time of learning, blessing, gratitude and deep re-union. All doubts and fears are Illuminated to be Eliminated.
  • You/We Are expanding and growing in the Grace and Glory of the Universal I/We That Is.
  • Patience and Love in this time of Transformation.
  • Growth is inevitable.
    Grace and Ease are Optional.

I know that many are tuning in to their own inner connections at this time. And I know that self-doubt about accuracy is common. May your personal journeys of awakening and growing in the Light bring you great Joy and Peace.

Blessings to all during our transition into the new 5th Dimensional realities on Earth.

Mikaelah Cordeo

31 thoughts on “Improving Communication

    • admin says:

      HI, Good Question.
      I am a woman and my name is spiritual name that connect me to Archangel Michael, Father-Mother God – El and Elah
      and more. El and Elah are the Mother-Father principle that overlighted me for my first book “Live in Love”. This has much spiritual wisdom, teachings, and healing exercises. You can find my books on

    • admin says:
        Hi Harry,
        Thank you for your comments. May we all move into whole new levels of communication as we learn the power of the spoken word and use it to heal and uplift ourselves and all life.
    • admin says:

      Hi Jeremaih,
      Thank you. I’ll soon be adding some new even more exciting and energizing and uplifting information, links and concepts.
      Blessings to you and your brother.

    • admin says:

      I’ve been doing the spiritual work for over 36 years and you can add a variety of adult ages to guess. But today is my birthday and its a master number.

    • admin says:

      In response to the concept of “liking” one country or another, I believe that we are learning to respect and honor everyone not just those that we are living near or feel affinity with. This is the Divine Plan for our planet and it requires all of us to carefully examine all beliefs, concepts and behaviors that are not in alignment with it.
      Use the Violet Flame to clear all that no longer serves you. Watch for more links on how to work with energy and light to create a better reality for all.
      Mikaelah Cordeo

    • admin says:

      Hi Dustin,
      Thank you for your feedback. There will be a lot more very helpful and powerful messages and links coming soon.

    • admin says:

      Probably not. This is not in alignment with the Divine Plan and is counterproductive to the flow of changes that are assisting in the co-creation of the new 5-D reality for the Earth.

    • admin says:

      Lovely to hear from you. I will be expanding the website in the coming months and keep you posted.
      Thanks for your message.

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