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BOOKS by Mikaelah Cordeo


  Live in Love – A Life Handbook for the New Golden Age 

This book is life transforming. Be uplifted and renewed with this awesome, channeled book It offers exquisite messages from Mother/Father God, Jesus and other Ascended teachers. It brings new teachings on Ascension, Earth Changes, Angels, personal empowerment, Consciousness and so much more, with over 25 exercises to assist in your personal healing and transformation process. Information on dimensional realities and the Divine Plan not available elsewhere. Click title to read an excerpt or buy Live in Love.



Gift of the Leprechauns

This charming book was written to introduce children to basic energy tools that really work. They learn to work with Light for healing and blessing. They meet the flower fairies and crystal Angels, visit the children of Telos, and learn about past lives and other spiritual concepts. Meet Shamus O’Toole, Leprechaun Extraordinaire as he guides Sam and Katy through life lessons around bullies, divorce in the family, death of a pet and dealing with temptation as they grow in confidence and self-esteem. Each chapter is a stand-alone story with a different teaching. Children and adults are loving it. Click here to read an excerpt or to buy Gift of the Leprechauns.


Peace, Love and Healing –

New Teachings from Lord Jesus the Christ 

Bathe in the Sacred Presence of Jesus. Really three books in one, you will find teachings which take Mikaelah’s first book deeper in understanding the Tao, the Holy Spirit, miracles and more exercises for personal empowerment and healing.  Prayers for soldiers and for Peace. Study Protocols for working with a new 7th Dimensional Miracle Wand, experience your Sacred Heart, reset your DNA – and so much more. Click here to read an excerpt or buy Peace, Love and Healing on Amazon.



Book talk video for Live in Love and Gift of the Leprechauns