2020 – A year of unprecedented challenge!

In the Cosmic Year 2020, we’ve moved into an entirely new time of transition as we deal with a planetary pandemic, an unprecedented time of letting go, healing and opportunities to create an entirely new paradigm for Heaven on Earth in spite of what appears to be potential disasters in every direction.

If we follow the messages that come to us on facebook, emails, and the news, we can quickly become confused, frightened and challenged to believe that anything good can come of all this. I have heard people praying to have things go back the way they were.

I have to say, that is not my prayer. This spring, I saw trees coming up with new growth in ways of beauty and splendor I’d never seen before.  Nature is thriving and healing under some of the conditions that humanity is struggling with. In China the air is cleaner and able to be breathed freely. The waters around Venice are clear.  Millions of people are creating new communication links on the Internet that vastly stretch who can be reached around the globe. The Education system, which has been in deep trouble for decades, is being stretched to recreate itself.

Some systems are in the midst of major recalibration. How do we ensure a government that meets our multiple needs as a society? What is the highest choice for a healthy economy? How are the needs of the homeless, the sick, and the unemployed being dealt with? Personally, I wonder why Libraries and Physical Fitness centers are not deemed essential (certainly those who have needed their services while being homeless have thought they were.) And, perhaps I’m a minority, but what is so essential about liquor stores?

There is talk of much negative and formerly hidden secrets coming to the surface for healing and transmutation.

I have been watching these changes escalating for a while now as we shift into a whole new Fifth  Dimensional reality. In summary,  as the light levels increase, old patterns and paradigms that no longer serve are being brought to our attention to be healed, cleared and released.  Certain principles and eternal truths remain steadfast, other things that were created in response to the experiences of the third dimension are of such a limited nature that they too must be released in order that new, higher order understandings can arrive to better fulfill that role.

I’m sharing a couple of key choices that I’ve had to make in order to live a more grace-filled life.
1) I choose to use the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Forgiveness to purify, transmute and clear all that no longer serves me (a visualization technique). I ask the angels to help me release and transmute whatever it might be as often as necessary – daily is good.  And ask to be refilled with the Light, Love and Wisdom that is now needed instead.
2)  Avoid Negative Thoughts and Words. I find it necessary to pay close attention to my thoughts. Negativity of any kind seems to create negative consequences fairly rapidly these days. I’m given frequent reminders (not particularly comfortable ones) to watch my thoughts and my words.
3) Focus on the beautiful and see nature with new eyes. This foto on the right is one of my favorites. Can you see their faces? I call this “The three bears.”
4) A good friend shared a story of Gratitude that produced a pretty rapid return. In a difficult situation she went to her car and found it covered in bird poop. She took a deep breath, threw her hands up in the air and called out, “I open to receive.” She then got in the car, took it to a car wash and on returning home found a check for $500 waiting for her to help with the situation she was dealing with. I was impressed and made the same call. I went home and found a large check waiting for me.  Gratitude is famous for helping with manifesting.
5) Ask the Angels for help! No matter what is going on, we can ask for help from God’s messengers the Angels. They are required to wait until they are asked, before they can help.
6) Pray.  My favorite quote about prayer comes from Archbishop Pike of San Francisco a number of years ago. His tongue in cheek quote: “When I pray, miracles happen! When I don’t, they don’t.” Several years ago, I was going through a time of income challenges and often wondered where the next meal would come from. I found that the Lord’s Prayer was a terrific way to cover all the bases and a great comfort, too. If your life is going well in spite of outer circumstances, you can choose to pray for those who are being challenged.

None of these things are particularly new ideas. But they stand out now, because they are still enormously effective,  while lesser choices are not working. Well, working directly with Light (e.g. Violet Flame) is a somewhat new idea to many. It has been taught extensively around the world for decades though, and is available to anybody to explore and experiment with for healing, forgiveness, clearing karma and much more. The internet certainly offers plenty of information. and suggestions. It is free, effective and powerful.

Briefly, all the colors of the rainbow represent different Divine Qualities. Violet is the highest frequency (fastest) of the visible spectrum. It represents the qualities of Freedom, Forgiveness, the Transmutation of negativity and Divine Alchemy – which translates as assisting your physical form to achieve its highest potential as a vehicle for Oneness with the Divine.  Check out the new classes and opportunities for raising your frequency and learning some of the newest energy tools for your health and well

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