2022 Surviving and Thriving as we enter the new Golden Age

Wow, 2022-23 is shaping up to be a time of Transition, Transformation and … Transfiguration. We are well aware that the entire planet is in the midst of monumental change.
We are acknowledging that we are part of a huge planetary shift. Some call it the shift of the ages. We are being shown that it isn’t about angels of extra terrestrials coming in to help us solve huge social and political problems.
Yikes! We are responsible for visioning, speaking and co-creating the world in our highest vision of what is possible and most desirable.  Some of use have been bombarded with emails about the new higher frequencies that are changing the very frequencies of our every day realities.
I’ve noticed that the sun is emitting a new even brighter light than I have ever experienced. It looks like a brilliant diamond when I take a quick look (I’m not talking about sun gazing which is great also) . To protect my eyes I just glance at the sun, but I’m so moved by the light, I’ve taken to closing my eyes and just standing there greeting the sun, giving thanks and absorbing whatever gifts are part of this new light that seems to be brighter and more beautiful every day.
Part of the new understanding (a friend now calls this innerstanding) is that it isn’t just the Earth that is in the midst of this fantastic change. But transformation and raising in frequencies includes the entire Solar System, the Galaxy and the Universe – and probably the Multiverse. This is the reason that there was so much concern that Earth wouldn’t be able to handle this long anticipated time of change. It was feared that Earth had fallen too far into density, error and negativity to be saved. In spite of that, we’ve watched as countless numbers from all of creation have come both in physical form and from higher dimensional realities to help.
The official report is: Earth has accomplished the goal. Many of you have heard the expectations around a variety of dates: 2000, 2012, next week etc. and we have watched as the changes to the new “Heaven on Earth” scenario seem to not be happening when expected. The answer has been offered that delays had been granted so that more and more on the planet could choose for Light, for Love, to align with the Divine Plan.  And, indeed, many more have been saved by your love, your intentions, and your prayers.
It seems that most of  the delays are over, but there have been some interesting surprises lately. One is that many are afraid to lose all the memories – no matter how painful – of this lifetime. Think of it this way. It’s Heaven on Earth! It’s going to be so wonderful that you don’t have to worry about details. God has a plan for your good and for all that is wonderful. Two big things to practice these days: Trust and Surrender (to the Divine Plan).
So they are being given a bit more time to work on this otherwise they’ll end up in other locations that are third dimensional  Yes, it will be somewhat more familiar, but still new birth, new families, new jobs… and the same issues that you’ve been working on on Earth in 3-D. There is a small possibility of a parallel 3-D Earth experience, but still no guarantee that all your family and friends will be there and not in 5-D. All choices are individual.
I’m being guided to share an experience I had recently. I was traveling a lot in the last few months. This experience happened in Arizona. I truly did not where I was going to land. However, I had a destination in mind. I had to deal with an issue in Mesa, Arizona. On my way, I received a text message from a friend who was “inspired” to email an acquaintance in the area and ask if she wouldn’t like to have a house guest. Surprisingly she said ‘Yes”. But it turned out that she was giving a presentation at the time I was arriving and wouldn’t be home until late. She surprised me by offering me a paid stay at a nearby bed and breakfast instead. When I arrived I was shown to a lovely one bedroom separate unit near my host’s  home.
It soon was revealed to me that my host was actually an embodiment of an aspect of my I Am Presence. While staying in this lovely place, I experienced a taste of what it might be like in Heaven on Earth. I was bathed in a feeling of loving energy during my entire stay and the sense that “in my father’s house are many mansions.”  It was a taste of what I believe we can expect to be our usual experience in the new 5th Dimension. It certainly felt like a miracle to me. There were several other “everyday miracles” during this stay as well.
So, don’t let the limited concepts we developed in the third dimension hold you back from experiencing the bliss of the new reality. Certainly, notice your fears, but release them into the Violet Flame and thank your angels for filling you with new hopes and expectations for something more wonderful than you can now imagine. And pay attention to the synchronicities.
What we imagine, intend, speak about and believe is how we are creating our new reality. If you want some ideas on the skills needed, read or reread the “Celestine Prophecy” series; it is still very timely.