2018 – A Year of Miracles

Predictions for 2018 from Archangel Michael
through Messenger Mikaelah Cordeo

received 12-31-2018

1 – Everyone will find grater love, greater joy, greater peace and greater alignment with Divine Will and Divine Right Action.

2 – Multiple solutions for solving problems of hunger, homelessness, mental illness,       senior needs, and needs of children and families will be implemented successfully all over the world.

3 – More will turn  to prayer and receive miraculous results.

4 – Earth changes – All changes will be responding to prayer in ways that lives are changed, spirits are lifted and healed and the sense of miracles everywhere will permeate consciousness around the world.

5 – Angels will be seen to appear to give miraculous assistance – again all over the world.

6 – Those who have been praying to be more successful in their services to humanity will see astonishing results.

7 – There will be several global “surprises”.          ” Archangel Michael” by Fran Gomes
Watch for them.

Archangel Michael

wishing all a Happy New Year.

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