Earth Has Earned a New Divine Dispensation!

Today marks the beginning a New Era for Humanity, because – more than one-half of all incarnate humanity have chosen Love, Peace and Joy as their Truth, their Way, their desire – for themselves and one another. And because the majority have so chosen, in spite of media, government misdirection, and accumulated planetary error on the inner planes, there is a New Divine Dispensation that is now allowed to bless the whole.

The blessings that have flowed to the Earth on 1-31-2018 during the Super Blue Moon and Eclipse will now be magnified 100-fold. New waves of Peace, Joy and Eternal Bliss are being transmitted.

The Planetary Hierarchy – those who watch over Earth’s readiness and progress –  those whose focus and intention is always a reflection of Divine Will for the Highest Good for All Life – are able to lift all Conscious Life on Earth fully into a full and final Ascension into a New Era of Fifth Dimensional reality of Peace, Prosperity, Health, Joy and Divine Love. Divine Graces are being gifted to each one at their highest ability to receive.

So, dear ones, we invite you to pray and hold a focus for the next level of healing and clearing of all that no longer serves us, that can no longer remain on the physical, emotional mental and higher planes of consciousness. And call new waves of Violet Flame of transmutation, forgiveness and freedom to touch each heart and soul.  Pray that waves of Light and transfiguring Divine Love from the Heart of Mother-Father God, waves of cosmic Glory and Opalescent Blessing pour forth across the planet refilling, nurturing and restoring the Divine Plan on Earth for the Highest Good for All Life.

See the Planetary Grid now expanding to its next level – allowing new Divine Graces to be received and magnified, new truths to be revealed, received and acted upon – each life to be uniquely blessed to rise to new levels of achievement of their unique plan and purpose.

One Grace we wish to highlight for you is the healing of past traumas and hurts that have affected the ability to open the heart, to trust in the essential goodness of life, and to appreciate and give thanks for all blessings.

We invite you to receive now a full and final clearing of distortion and error that was taken on as a personal and planetary sacrifice so that a greater healing might flow forth collectively from Earth to bless and heal in a great wave throughout the Solar System,  the Galaxy, and ultimately the entire Universe.

We thank you for your courage, your strength and your great Love.

May you each grow in the blessings of your gifts to life returned to you a hundred-fold.

We are the Ascended Hosts of Light speaking on behalf of Mother-Father God of All Creation.
Through Our Cosmic Messenger Mikaelah Cordeo


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